Locked Metadata Fields


To assist our users in protecting the integrity of both native and user-generated metadata, Nextpoint has released the ability to prevent certain metadata fields from being edited.

Beginning on April 18, 2022, all of the pre-created metadata fields in new and existing databases will be locked by default, preventing users from changing any of the data in any of these fields. Advanced users have the ability to lock and unlock any fields in a database including custom coding fields. Once locked, fields cannot be edited at the document level or via bulk action unless they are first unlocked by an advanced user. The information will remain viewable, but at the document level, locked fields will be greyed out, preventing users from editing them. Nextpoint will maintain a "Field Modification History," so users can gain insight on who locked/unlocked specific fields.

Locking/Unlocking Fields

To unlock individual fields in your Nextpoint discovery database, navigate to "Settings" > "Coding" > "Fields." In a Nextpoint litigation database you need to navigate to "More" > "Settings" > "Documents" > "Fields." From there you can:

1. Unlock individual locked fields.

2. Unlock all fields at once.


Similarly, for the same location you can:

1. Lock individual unlocked fields.

2.  Lock all unlocked fields at once. Note: the "Unlock all" button becomes a "Lock all" button when a majority of the fields are unlocked. 


Field Modification History

To access the "Field Modification History," select the clock icon at the top of the "Fields" section.


From here you can Search (1) on the list of field modifications, sort (2) the list, and export (3) the list as a PDF. The "Field Modification History" will also record when fields are added or deleted.



Editing Document Fields 

At the document level, unlocked fields (1) will remain white and editable. While you will still be able to read information in locked fields (2), they will appear greyed out and will not editable.  


When attempting bulk actions on a set of documents, unlocked fields (1) will appear in black text and can be selected. Locked fields (2) will appear in grey text and can not be selected for bulk actions. 





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