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*Search hit highlights are available in all databases created on, or after, December 6. Read more at the end of this article as to how you will be able to retroactively fit your legacy databases with search hit highlights in the future.

Navigating Search Hit Highlights

Now, when you run a search in a database with search hit highlights, Nextpoint will remove any field:value combinations, and carry any keywords through to the document-level. 

For example, the below search reads folder:"BZ and BA Emails" AND (takeout test counting)


Upon clicking into any of the resulting documents and entering the document viewer, folder:"BZ and BA Emails" has been removed, but the terms takeout test counting remain in the search bar at the top center of the document viewer.  

You will also notice the search terms are highlighted within the document.


The terms from the search bar will also be presented in a toolbar at the top left of the document.  We refer to this as the PDF Search toolbar because PDF images are what facilitate the search hit highlights you see. 

These PDF images are a new component of the document viewer and immediately upon release, will only be available in databases created on, or after, December 6.  Read more at the end of this article as to how you will be able to retroactively fit your legacy databases with search hit highlights in the future.


Don't see the PDF Search toolbar?  Make sure to toggle to the PDF Search Viewer Mode at the top left of your document.



A Closer Look at PDF Search Toolbar

Once in the document, you can navigate a series of tools for your document review in the PDF Search Toolbar


  1. Thumbnail View, provides thumbnail image for all pages in document
  2. Toggle pages
  3. Highlight all, Match Case, Whole Words
    • Highlight all: When enabled, all occurrences of the searched term(s) will be highlighted.  Use the up/down arrows to toggle through the different term hits.  Current term will be highlighted in green.
    • Match case: When enabled, considers capitalization of searched terms.
    • Whole words: When enabled, only exact matches of searched term(s) will be highlighted.
  4. Zoom is set to Automatic Zoom by default; adjust as needed
  5. Drop-down menu
    • Rotate: This option is not a permanent rotation, but a great temporary rotate option
    • Text Selection Tool: Copy/paste of text directly from the document.
    • Odd and Even Spreads: Side-by-side page view of document pages.  

Search Hit Highlights in Legacy Databases

As it relates to search hit highlights, a legacy database is any Nextpoint database created before December 6, 2021. We have outlined below, several FAQ's on search hit highlights for legacy databases, but if you have more particular questions, please contact your firm's Client Success Director.

  1. Why doesn't my database have search hit highlights?
    Search hit highlights will be available in all Nextpoint databases created on, or after, December 6th. We expect to introduce a tool next month that will allow us to implement this feature in legacy databases for an additional fee.
  2. How do I navigate search hits if my database does not yet have search hit highlights?If you are currently working in a legacy database, you will navigate search hits similar to before the release.  When searching via the search bar at the document-level, you will be presented with hyperlinked page numbers for the result(s) and provided associated search hit context.  Notably, all other updates in this release are available to you.


  3. How do I implement search hit highlights on my legacy database(s)?
    We will release a tool in the coming weeks that allows us to implement search hit highlights in legacy databases for an additional fee.  Once the tool is released, all legacy databases will have a new icon next to document-level search bar.  Advanced database users will be able to click this icon to initiate a request that their database be upgraded with search hit highlights.



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