Discovery Analytics


*This functionality is available for Standard and Advanced users only.

Users can log into any Nextpoint Discovery database to view the ANALYTICS tab.  

ANALYTICS presents powerful, interactive visualization of your data in graphical form. Simply click on any of the graphs to view a complete list of the documents in that specific category. The overall progress of your review project is also quickly viewable in the interactive ‘doughnut chart’ near the bottom of the page.

To refine the data in your visualizations, just add terms to the SEARCH TO REFINE box on the upper right, and hit return on your keyboard. All data visualizations will redraw correspondingly.

Here is a breakdown of each section of ANALYTICS: 


Your Data - Totals


Database totals for the following categories: All Documents, Emails, Attachments, and Email Threads. Click on any box to return all corresponding documents in that category.

Please note: These totals correspond to the master "document type" field in your imported data set.


Your Data - Documents by Date Range


Database totals based on customizable date range. Update the date range by using the tool at the top. Hover over each bar in the chart to view the date and document count. Click on any bar to return those specific results.

Choose “View documents without a date” link at right to view all corresponding documents (and add dates if warranted).


Your Data - Custom Data Widgets


Choose which data is most important to you in this customizable widget section. Add or delete widgets to suit your needs. Click on totals to return those specific results.

Choose “View non-imaged documents” to view all corresponding documents.


Your Review


View the up-to-date progress of your Review regarding relevancy and privilege status. Click on the doughnut chart or any of the totals in the legend to return those specific results.


Want to see more, or different database analytics?


Press mceclip0.png on the field you would like to replace and then click the empty box to choose which metadata field you would like displayed instead.


Please note: only the first 100 results will display when you click "show all". If you would like a full list of the results, reach out to us and we can compile a csv with the full list.


Need detailed reviewer metrics?


Choose "Request detailed metrics" located under the Privilege Status chart, fill out the form, and a member of the Nextpoint team will be in touch.

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