Adding Key Terms to Documents


To create key terms within your Discovery database, click SETTINGS > General Settings and navigate to the Key Terms settings box and click "Edit"

In Litigation, Key Term settings are located in MORE > SETTINGS > Documents.


Adding, editing or deleting key terms: 

  1. To add: Click "Add New Term".
  2. To delete: Click the red cancel icon.
  3. To edit: Click the color box next to each word.


Adding key term highlights, continued:

After clicking the "Add New Term" button, type the term or phrase in the text box then click the color box to change the color. See image below. 


Choosing the color of your key term highlight:

After clicking on the color box, choose the color by clicking on the left side boxes or right side color bar and the shade in the center box. Once the preferred color is picked click "Choose"



 To view the key terms in your document: 

 Click the Key Term Mode button located at the top left of your document.  



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