Exporting Transcript Designations


Export Designations to Custom Report

When viewing your deposition, in the lower right corner of your screen, will see a section titled Reports from which you can export designations in several different formats:

  • PDF - Generates a document with full or partial transcript text alongside optional additions like notes, issues and designations.
    • Full - exports all pages of the transcript

    • Condensed - exports all pages of the transcript condensed 4 transcript pages per pdf page

    • Summary - exports only include the sections of the transcript that have been designated

  • CSV - Generates a spreadsheet that displays a list of selected clips with related information, like issues, notes and page number.
  • TXT - Generates a text file that can easily be imported into OnCue or other transcript software.
    • Line Summary - exports a list of issues/designations with the timestamps of their associated clips

    • OnCue Import - exports selected clips for importing into OnCue

    • Summary Text - exports selected issues/designations with the text of their associated clips along with page and line numbers

Simply select the Report Type that you want to generate, the Designations and/or Issues you want to include on your report.


Export Designations across a Folder or Issue

Go to the DEPONENTS or PROCEEDINGS tab and click on your Designation or Issue from the Quick Links section on the upper right.

At the top of the page, you may select Clip Summary Report (PDF) to export your designations.


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