How to Relate Exhibits to Transcripts & Create Hyperlinks


Nextpoint Litigation allows you to link exhibits to transcripts in two ways.  You can relate a document to a deposition or proceeding transcript, and once a document is related, you can create hyperlinks within the transcript. See information on both below.

Relating Documents to a Transcript

To relate exhibits to their associated transcript, first import the transcript via the DEPONENTS or PROCEEDINGS tabs. You can then import and relate the associated exhibits in one of two ways:

Import and Relate Via FolderImport and Relate Via Transcript Viewer

This option is beneficial for importing and relating multiple documents/exhibits:

  1. Navigate to MORE > Data > File Room and upload the transcript exhibits, Import accordingly.
  2. After import, create and apply a folder for the particular transcript's exhibits (e.g. "John Smith Exhibits").

    Transcript Exhibits Folder.png
  3. Once the exhibits have been imported and the folder applied, navigate to the related transcript via DEPONENTS or PROCEEDINGS and click "Relate Folder" under the Related Documents drop-down. 

    Relate Folder_2.png

  4. Select the folder of exhibits you would like to relate to the transcript, and click "Submit"

    Relate Docs from Folder_3.png

  5. The documents/exhibits contained within the selected folder will then show as being related to the transcript in both the transcript viewer and from the DEPONENTS or PROCEEDINGS tab.

    Related Documents in Deponents.png


Hyperlink a Document in a Transcript

After you have related a document to a transcript, you can add hyperlinks for quick access when viewing the transcript. Click on the Pencil_Icon.png button to open the edit window. Enter the Names you would like to create hyperlinks for, then click Make Edits.


The Document Names will now appear as hyperlinks within the transcript.

  • Clicking on the hyperlinked title within the Related Documents section will toggle amongst each entry of that specific exhibit in the transcript.
  • Clicking on the hyperlink within the transcript will open that exhibit in a new tab of your browser.

Using Related/Linked documents in a Transcript:


  1. Import a new document to relate to the transcript.
  2. Click on the document name to jump to each entry of that particular exhibit in the transcript (when hyperlinked).
  3. Add or Edit hyperlinking to the document Pencil_Icon.png, or delete the relation Trash_Can_Icon.png.
  4. Open the document in a new tab of your browser.
  5. Insert text which should be hyperlinked within the transcript.
  6. View a list of all the related documents in a new tab of your browser.


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