Creating a Trial Exhibit List


To create your trial exhibit list, first create your exhibit folders. To learn how, click here. If you wish to add a bunch of documents to your exhibit list, click here to learn how.

To build your trial exhibit list document by document, follow the following instructions:

When viewing a document, open the Folders list.

  • A green check mark Nextpoint_Demo_-_Cranbrooke_v._Intellex-5.jpg  indicates that the document is already a part of that folder set. Clicking the check mark will allow you to edit it.
  • Click the green circle Nextpoint_Demo_-_Cranbrooke_v._Intellex-4.jpg next to a folder name to add the document to that folder set.

The Add Folder box will be opened, where you can enter the Exhibit Number you would like. If you leave it blank, the next available number will be used.

You can also enter Offered and Admitted dates, as well as any Notes for the exhibit.

When you are done, click "Submit".

Your document is now a part of the trial exhibit set. To quickly download a trial exhibit list, go back to the main Documents page and select Export Exhibit List from the dropdown menu next to the Folder containing the trial exhibit list you wish to download.

Choose whether you would like to Download CSV or Download PDF.

You will be able to download an exhibit list like the one below.


When you are ready to stamp your trial exhibits, click here to learn how.

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