Applying Exhibit Stamps in Litigation


Before you stamp your exhibits, you must create your folder, and add your documents to it. Then set your stamping template.

Note: Have you considered exhibit marking prior to depositions to consolidate your master exhibit list?  If so, see our suggested exhibit stamping workflow here.

Click on the first document in the population, look in the Related Folders section in the right sidebar. Click the 2.png icon to open the folder window and click the 3.png icon to open the stamping interface.



When the stamping interface appears in the next window, use the following steps:

  1. Click the checkbox to add a stamp.
  2. Place the stamp where you'd like on the document.
  3. To apply a stamp only to this document, click Apply & Close.
  4. If you want to continue to the next document in the label set, click Apply & Next.



Your documents will re-process to burn the exhibit stamp onto the image, and the 3.pngicon will change to green 4.png to indicate that the document has been stamped.


If you need to re-stamp, don't worry, you can remove the document from the folder set, and the stamp will be removed.


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