How to Endorse Documents


When a set of documents is ready for production (reviewed, relevant, and privileged documents withheld or redacted), it is time to endorse.

Click “Endorse” on the folder drop-down menu to begin the process.

Nextpoint will warn you if:

  • Current processing could impact your documents
    (e.g. other endorsements are in progress)
  • A mailbox is contained in your set
  • Documents marked privileged are in your set
  • Zero-page docs are in your set

If Nextpoint warns of one of the above conditions, it should be verified (and remedied if necessary) before proceeding.

Endorsing with zero-page documents in the set will result in those documents receiving a native placeholder. If this is not desired, those documents should have image-exception placeholders added before proceeding.

Select Template

Select an endorsement template to be used, assign number to first document, and hit “Endorse” button. Nextpoint will assign your numbering, generate placeholders, and endorse all documents in the selected folder and notify you know when it’s complete.

Verify the results are as expected.

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