Transferring Transcripts in Litigation


Nextpoint provides the flexibility to make a copy of Deponent or Proceeding transcript(s) through the transfer functionality.  This is helpful when you have transcripts in related matters, want to move particular transcripts to a secondary database for arbitration or trial, or need to copy from one Litigation database to another for any other reason.

Transfer Notes:

  • For any Deponent with multiple transcript volumes, all associated volumes will be transferred if selected.
  • All existing designations, objections, or transcript issues will be copied with the transcripts.
  • If you do not see a target database that you need to transfer to in the the drop-down (shown below), it is because you are not yet a user in that database and will need to be added.


 How to Transfer Transcripts

  1. Navigate to the DEPONENTS or PROCEEDINGS tab.
  2. Select Transfer Deponent or Transfer Proceeding at the top left of the respective tab.


  3. Create New Database or Select from any Existing Litigation Databases in your account.
  4. Select the Deponents or Proceedings you would like to copy to the selected database.
  5. Check if you would like to Transfer Related Documents (exhibits) in addition to your selected transcripts.
  6. Copy Deponents or move forward to Configure Exchange of your associated documents/exhibits (if selected).


  7. If you select to transfer (copy) related documents, you will be prompted to configure transfer specifications related to document natives, attributes, metadata and coding.  After selections have been made, click Initiate Copy.



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