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Account HQ is a shared dashboard for all users within your account and can be customized based on which collective information the firm or case team needs to communicate to the rest of the team.  Key reference materials oftentimes include but are not limited to, particular databases, case updates, user guides, best practice manuals, and learning materials.

Firm-wide users and specific case teams alike can benefit from the implementation of Account HQ.  For a firm-wide instance, you might consider creating a central repository for the firm’s pleadings, motions, and briefs with access to key resources such as the firm’s most common templates, protocols, and checklists.  In a more case-specific instance (perhaps a Mass Action), the same approach of centralizing core information still remains, but with a higher focus on maintaining a master repository and providing a communications vehicle to different trial teams.




Recently, a large MDL case team was having a difficult time maintaining a collaborative record system for all documents and transcripts, and further distributing standardized records to trial teams across the country.  Exhibits, transcripts, and exhibit lists were being updated daily, and there was no way to clearly pin down what was new, where it was coming from, or maintain version control. The case team needed a solution which allows for the collection of new information as documents, transcripts, and exhibit lists are being updated, a central location for accessing the master databases, and also a place to store shared resources as to how each firm/case should be running.

Based on the case teams needs, Nextpoint services team developed a custom Account HQ (seen below) which houses the master databases, key resources, case updates, and how to get in touch with additional Nextpoint contacts for assistance. This solution has streamlined case management and communication as it provides updates at a mass level in one centralized location. Additionally, the team is able to maintain the integrity of master databases, but trial teams can easily exchange (copy) exhibits and transcripts to a secondary trial database for further development.


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