How to Export a Load File / Index


In addition to more comprehensive exports which include images, text, and/or natives, Nextpoint also allows you to generate only a load file for any document set in Nextpoint. 

What is a load file?

A load file is essentially an index of information about your documents which can be generated from your Nextpoint database, or imported alongside documents received from an opposing party in production. 

Depending on the information selected for inclusion, load files can define document parameters for imaged documents, contain metadata for the documents it relates to, or include work-product applied by user(s).

Exporting a load file is very quick and easy and can be accomplished via the steps outlined below:


1 | Set up your Export Template

Export templates define the formatting of your images, text, and natives during export, but can also define if you only want to include only a load file (index) in your export.

  1. Navigate to your database SETTINGS > Export/Exchange > Export Templates > click Create New
  2. Provide a name for your Index Export Template in Step 1.  You may also want to include a description as to the contents of the template for ease of reference later (load file only, email fields with attorney notes, etc..).

  3. Skip to Step 4 of the Create Export Template sequence > select Include > select CSV for your format/delimiter as this format will ultimately open in excel once exported.
  4. Next to Load File Template header, click Create New.
  5. Provide a Name for your Load File Template > select the fields which you would like to include in your load file/index by clicking the check box next to the field name and drag + drop to change the order > Click Save Load File Template

  6. Make sure to click the blue Save Export Template button to save your export format and your embedded load file template.


Tips & Tricks

You can make edits to an existing load file via the Load File Templates section of SETTINGS > Export/Exchange.


2 | Export Your Load File / Index

There are two locations in your Nextpoint database from which you can export a load file/index, depending on your case needs.

Export via Search Results

To export a load file only from any set of search results:

  1. Run a search to generate a Grid View list of all the documents for which you would like a load file exported.
  2. Above your result list on the left, select all documents from the Grid View via the Actions checkbox.
  3. At the bottom of the Grid View, hover over Export > select Load File from the drop-down.


  4. Name your export > select your export template (set up above in Part 1) that includes the load file only > click EXPORT button.


Why Check Include Family Documents?

Check Include Family Documents if you would like to include email family members (associated emails + attachments) regardless of if they returned in your search results.   

In the above example, if an email has an Attorney Note, but the attachment does not, clicking Include Family Documents would still include the attachment without a note in my load file/index export.


Export at the Folder Level

  1. Navigate to your REVIEW tab (DOCUMENTS tab in Litigation)
  2. Click the three-dot drop down on any folder > select Export


  3. Name your export > select your export template (set up above in Part 1) that includes the load file only > click EXPORT button. 


Reminder: this will only export a load file, and NOT the selected documents.

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