Nextpoint Default and Protected Fields


The following fields exist in Nextpoint without needing to explicitly add them to your database. Some are default fields to which you can map data during an import (Exhibit A), and others are protected fields to which you can not push data. While it is not necessary to map data to our default fields, it is best practice because it can reduce the number of fields you may need to search in your database

For instance, if you map "From" data in your load file to a custom "From" field instead of the default field "Email_Author," then to search your clients emails and those produced by Opposing Counsel for those authored by "John Smith," you would need to search:

email_author:"John Smith" OR from:"John Smith" 

If you map the "From" field to "Email_Author," you only need to search:

email_author:"John Smith"

to return hits in both sets of data. 



One field not listed below that is very important to most load file imports is the field "begattach." This field allows Nextpoint users to link parent emails with their attachments in produced data imports. In this field the bates_start value of the parent email appears in the attachment's "begattach" field. The "begattach" field must be an exact match to the character string "begattach" and must be created in a database before family linking is possible.


Exhibit AExhibit B

Default Fields & Document Attributes

For any of the below-listed fields, you do not need to set up a new Field under SETTINGS > Coding.  Instead, if you have a header value in Row 1 of your load file, make sure that the load file value matches the below default fields exactly.

Values can be imported by load file headers to the provided values. App Name indicates what your load file header should read.  Visible vs. Hidden indicates if a field can be seen under SETTINGS    Coding    Fields (Visible), or if it isn't seen in the field list but can accept your load file information (Hidden).

App Name Visible vs. Hidden
Author Hidden
Bates_Start Hidden
Bates_End Hidden
Bates_Range_Start Hidden
Bates_Range_End Hidden
BCC Visible
CC Visible
Created_Date_Time Visible
Custodian Hidden
Custodians Hidden
Date Hidden
Document_Author Visible
Document_Last_Author Visible
Document_Subject Visible
Document_Title Visible
Document_Type Hidden
Document_Date Hidden
Email_Author Visible
Email_Received Visible
Email_Sent Visible
Email_Subject Visible
Email_Thread_Index Hidden
Encrypted Visible
File_Name Visible
File_Path Visible
Image_File Hidden
Last_Print_Date Visible
Mailbox_File Visible
Mailbox_Path Visible
Modified_Date_Time Visible
Native_File Hidden
Recipients Visible
Root_Folder Visible
Shortcut Hidden
Tags Hidden
Text_File Hidden
Title Hidden

Important Field Notes:

  • Custodian/Custodians are visible under Settings > Import > Custodians
  • Have existing/historical Tags you want to migrate to Nextpoint's Additional Tags field?  Your column header should read Tags and the values should be semicolon delimited (e.g. Bob Randolph; hard copy document; Production 1; 10/22/2019).


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