Produced Data Imports, Exhibit A - Default Fields & Document Attributes


Outlined below are the load file header values which are available in every Nextpoint database for produced data imports (with a load file).

These Default Fields & Document Attributes do not need to be created as new Fields under SETTINGS > Coding.  Instead, if you have a header value in Row 1 of your load file similar to a value listed below, make sure that the load file value matches the below default fields exactly

Note:  These fields correlate with Produced Data Import instructions3 | Load File Configuration > Metadata Fields > Default Fields.

App_Name Attribute
Image_File File Loading
Author Nextpoint Default
Bates_Start File Loading and Imaging
Bates_End File Loading
BCC Nextpoint Default
CC Nextpoint Default
Created_Date_Time Nextpoint Default
Custodian Structural
Custodians Structural
Document_Author Nextpoint Default
Document_Date Structural
Document_Last_Author Nextpoint Default
Document_Subject Nextpoint Default
Document_Title Nextpoint Default
Document_Type Structural
Email_Author Nextpoint Default
Email_Received Nextpoint Default
Email_Sent Nextpoint Default
Email_Subject Nextpoint Default
Email_Thread_Index Structural
Encrypted Nextpoint Default
File_Name Nextpoint Default
File_Path Nextpoint Default
Last_Print_Date Nextpoint Default
Mailbox_File Nextpoint Default
Mailbox_Path Nextpoint Default
Modified_Date_Time Nextpoint Default
Recipients Nextpoint Default
Root_Folder Nextpoint Default
Shortcut Structural
Title Structural
Text_File File Loading
Native_File File Loading



  • Custodian/Custodians are visible under Settings > Import > Custodians
  • Have existing/historical Tags you want to migrate to Nextpoint's Additional Tags field?  Your column header should read Tags and the values should be semicolon delimited (e.g. Bob Randolph; hard copy document; Production 1; 10/22/2019).


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