Compiling a List of Files to Create a Load File


To create a load file, you will need a list of files to include, and if applicable, the folders that they reside in. If you don't have this information in a list, you can easily create one.


  1. Right Click on the Root Folder, select "Open Command Window Here"
    • If your PC does not have this option, download the plugin at
    • In Windows 7, you may need to hold the CTRL key to get this option.
    • In Windows 10, replace this step (1) with clicking in the search bar and typing cmd.  You may then move forward with the remainder of the steps described below.


  2. A command window will appear. On the Command Line, type the following:  dir /b /s /a-d >>list.txt
  3. This will create a text file called “list.txt” in the root folder, that contains all the path information for each file and folder within the root folder that looks like this:

  4. Open "list.txt" in a text editor and do a Find and Replace to remove the extra pathing information, and you'll have a list of all the files in the folder, and their subfolder pathing, if necessary.
  5. Use this list to create a load file for your documents. Click here for information on how to create a simple load file.


  1. Open the utility, Terminal
  2. Type "find" (be sure to include the space) then drag the folder you want a list from.
  3. Terminal will give you a list of all the file names and pathing information for the folder, that you can copy and paste into a text editor to get in the format needed for your load file.
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