DeNIST Settings


DeNIST provides a way to filter known, unnecessary files from imported data, helping to keep your data amounts to a minimum and keeping files which are of no evidentiary value out of your review.

In Step 2 of the importing process, you will be able to toggle DeNIST settings on/off.



If you choose to Disable DeNIST detection, no NIST file detection will be performed and all files will be imported and processed.


If you want DeNIST Detection to run, you can configure which option you'd like by clicking Gear_Icon.png:

  • Tagged - Files found to match a NIST record will be imported and processed as usual, but will be assigned an additional "NIST" tag so that they can be examined further.
  • Filtered - Files found to match a NIST record will be removed entirely from imports, and will not be a part of your review.



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