DeNIST Settings


* This functionality is available for Advanced users only.

DeNIST provides a way to filter known, unnecessary files from imported data, helping to keep your data amounts to a minimum and keeping files which are of no evidentiary value out of your review.

To view/edit your DeNIST settings in Discovery, go to SETTINGS > Import and scroll to DeNist settings box.  In Litigation, DeNIST settings can be found via More > SETTINGS > Import.

Click "Edit" to modify and choose between the following settings:

  • Disabled
    No NIST file detection will be performed, all files will be imported and processed.

  • Tagged
    Files found to match a NIST record will be imported and processed as usual, but will be assigned an additional "NIST" tag so that they can be examined further.

  • Filtered
    Files found to match a NIST record will be removed entirely from imports, and will not be a part of your review.


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