How to View & Download Export Results


Below will cover how to download the exported results, but further information on how to email an export via a Shared Link can be found here.


Viewing Export Results

All completed exports will be found under DATA.   Navigate to the Exports tab in that section to view the status of all exports completed or in progress.

In Litigation, your exports can be found via MORE > Data > Exports

When an export is complete, it may be downloadedemailed via a Share Link, added to File Room, or deleted from the three-dot menu to the right of the export name.   






Downloading Exported Volumes

Exported ZIP files will be available in the exports section when ready for download. To review your export specifications and download the exported volume(s):

  1. Navigate to DATA > Export
  2. Click on the title/name of the exported volume you would like to download

  3. Download the exported volume(s) by either clicking on the name of each zipped volume OR click "Download All Files" to initiate a download of all ZIP files from that particular export.


Download All Files - The Details

"Download All Files" is a great (and recommended) option for when you have a larger export split into multiple volumes like the export illustrated above.

When selected, all zip files from this export will be downloaded to your computer. Please enable "pop-ups" in your browser settings and leave this window open until ​ALL downloads have ​started.​ When processing is complete, please verify all volumes downloaded successfully.

ZIP files that are part of the same export/production are built such that they may be optionally merged together into a single directory after being unzipped.  Read how to merge export volumes here >>


Why Are There Multiple Volumes for Download?

Export volumes are divvied up based on the number of pages in the volume, with a maximum of 2500 pages per volume (so if one document has more than 2500, only that document will be in the export).


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