Cloud Storage Integration; Dropbox, Zoom, Direct Links, and OneDrive


Nextpoint has the capability to directly connect several different external account types to your file room to ease the upload process and avoid risks of spoliation by minimizing data handling requirements. Select the external account type you want to link:

Dropbox Zoom Direct LinkOne Drive
Connecting Your Dropbox Account


To upload files from your Dropbox account, first select the Dropbox icon.


Then you will need to click on the "Connect to Dropbox" button. 

When connecting Nextpoint and Dropbox for the first time, you will be prompted to input your Dropbox credentials within a secure Dropbox window, rather than on Nextpoint's platform. This window is part of the Dropbox authentication process, ensuring that your login details are kept confidential and that only you can grant access to your Dropbox data. You may receive a warning message confirming that you trust Nextpoint as this is a new feature.


When you click the "Continue" button, you can add your Dropbox credentials or log in via a connected Google or Apple account. 


You will also need to verify your account via two factor authentication to verify your credentials. 


Once you have confirmed your login information, the folders in your Dropbox account will appear in the upload window in your file room. 


Only you will have access to your Dropbox even if there are other users within your database. Other users will not see or be able to access files from your Dropbox account that you do not upload to your file room.


Upload Data


Now that your external account is connected, select the folder(s) and/or file(s) you want to upload to your file room. If you want to add the files/folders to a specific folder in your file room, navigate to that folder first. You can also create a new folder by clicking the green create button. 

Only recordings that are saved as Zoom cloud are available to upload into your file room and that is determined when the meeting is being recorded whether it’s saved locally or cloud

Once you are where you want the files to go in your file room, check the folder(s) or file(s) you want to upload and click the "Select #" button that indicates the number of files or folders you are uploading. Once you click that button, your upload will begin. The progress bar at the bottom of the upload window will indicate the upload's progress. When the upload is complete, your files should appear in your file room. Click the "Done" button on the bottom right corner of the upload window return to the original upload window. 

FAQ and Troubleshooting

How will Nextpoint maintain the file path of my data if I upload a nested folder?

When bringing in data from a nested location in a cloud storage location, Nextpoint will bring in the folder structure above that subfolder. No files but that contained in the uploaded subfolder will be added to your file room, but the folders above the nested folder will be recreated so that the file path will extract accurately. 

If I have a shared premium/team Dropbox, what steps do I need to take to upload my data?

To add data from within a premium/team Dropbox account, you will either need to copy files into your personal folder for upload or share them with your personal folder in order to select them in the Nextpoint Dropbox window. 

If part of my upload fails, what should I do?  


If part of your upload fails, you can retry only the files that failed to upload by clicking on the orange "Retry" button on the bottom right of your upload window. This will avoid the need to upload the successfully added files to your file room again. 

Are there limits to the number of files/folders I can upload at one time with Cloud Storage Integration?
Currently, there is a 15,000 file limit to Dropbox uploads, but we are actively working on increasing it.
There is also a known issue that affects searching within very large folders that contain a number of files and/or nested folders. In order to select all of the files/folders you may need to scroll down, wait for the set to load, scroll down again and wait for the set to load until you get to the end of the folder. This workaround should only be required temporarily.




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