File Room Import Indicators


Within your file room, you are able to tell which files and folders you've imported and which ones you haven't. This can be helpful as you amass data in your file room to avoid both importing items duplicative and missing entire data sets.  file

  1. When you import a folder, a checkmark in a blue circle will appear to the right of the folder name.


    If you only import individual files within a folder or update the folder with additional files after importing, the checkmark will disappear.

  2. If you mouse over this checkbox, you will see information about the import including its date and the user who initiated it. 
  3. Individual files at your level in the file room will contain the same checkmark with the same information as a folder if they have been imported. 


What happens if I re-import a folder/file?

  • The previously imported icon will always show the latest date and person who imported it most recently. 

If I cancel an import will the icon show?

  • No, the icon will be removed as soon as the import is canceled
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