How to Delete Folders in Your File Room


If you have folders in your File Room that you need to delete, you will have to remove all of the contents within the folder prior to being able to delete the folder itself. This is for security reasons, as once a document is deleted, it is NOT recoverable. We recommend only doing so if you have copies of these files elsewhere, you've incidentally uploaded it in the wrong database, or you've placed it in the wrong folder and you'd like to start over.

Delete Contents within File Room Folder.png

1. Select the checkbox next to any document within the folder you'd like to delete.

2. Select "All" if you want to include every file contained within this folder.

3. Select "Trash Files".

Delete Folder in File Room.png

Once the individual files have been deleted, you will be prompted with the "Delete Folder" option. This only shows up if the folder is completely empty. If you have many subfolders, you will have to clear those contents the same way.

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