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Sometimes, images of imported documents won't show up in your database. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as a corruption somewhere in the file, encryption, embedded images, an unsupported file type, etc. If you know that this file opens and you can see it in its native format, you can add images yourself. This will not affect any metadata, it simply allows you to view an image within our system.

Note: If you have existing Confidentiality coding on the document(s), you will need to reapply this coding only after the pages are replaced.  See below instructions for more details.

First, download the original file by clicking the download button or clicking the three-dot menu and selecting "view original files".



In the application you're using, go to File - Print and choose "Save as PDF" (or other supported image-type).

Please note that you may need to change settings when opening a mailbox file in Outlook or Mail so that no additional information is included in the header/footer (such as your name or today's date) which is shown below.

For Outlook on PC

Once you've chosen "Adobe PDF" as your print option, ensure that the header/footer is blank by following the steps below.



The below fields should all be empty to ensure nothing will be added to your image.


For Mail on Mac


Hit ">>", scroll to print, and hit "save as PDF".


Go back into your document viewer, click the three-dot menu and choose "add page(s)".


This will prompt the "Import Pages" screen, where you can Drag & Drop, Add File from Computer, or Add from File Room (wherever you've saved your image). It also allows you to add-in a note prior to importing.


Wait for the image to finish processing. You will then be able to view the image in a PDF format. Add_Page_Complete.png

Once the replacement has been imaged, first, reset your confidentiality coding to image on the document by setting the Confidentiality code on that document to a Null value > Update > wait for the Confidential stamps to remove from the image > Refresh your browser > check Confidential again > Update.

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