Bulk Actions in a Database


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Tagging the Results of a Search

  1. Run a search
  2. When viewing the search results, check the box next to the document(s) you wish to tag, or check the box in the header row at the top left of your grid view to select all documents returned by the search.  
  3. Then click Bulk Actions.


 The Bulk Edit pop-up modal will open, where you can make wholesale changes to your selection:


  1. Add the documents to a Folder.
  2. Edit the relevancy coding associated with these documents.
  3. Edit the privilege coding associated with these documents.
  4. Edit the confidentiality coding associated with these documents.
  5. Edit the documents' standard document attributes.
  6. Add/Remove custom coding fields.
  7. Add/Remove tags.
  8. Select if you would like to apply your coding updates to any related documents and/or in which order you would like the documents sorted.  Sort order is most applicable when working with emails and their associated attachments. See more here on the varying settings you can employ when organizing your data.

To prevent inadvertently overwriting existing coding, updates to the relevancy (2), privilege (3), and custom picklists (6) are additive. This means that you are able to choose if you want to keep your existing coding, remove it, or update it for these documents. While editing one of these fields, you will see a number in parenthesis next to the update options. This indicates the number of documents with this existing coding:


For documents with existing coding (like aqua, green, or red in the example), you can update the coding by clicking on the checkbox next to it in the following ways:

  1. The default BA-minus.png option (1) will keep the coding for this selection the same as it existed before updating, and the number in parentheses (A) is the number of documents included in this update that have that option selected.
  2. The BA-emptych.png option (2) will remove coding (if any existed) for this selection. The number in the parentheses next to a selection with the empty checkbox (B) will indicate that zero documents will maintain this selection after the bulk action update.
  3. The BA-check.png option (3) will add this coding to all documents included in the bulk action. The number in the parentheses next to a selection with the “checked” checkbox (C) will indicate the total number of documents included in the bulk action update as all of the documents will be updated.


Click the "Update Documents" button, and your changes will be saved.


To Recall Your Search

Select your folder, relevancy, privilege, confidentiality, attribute, field, or tag in the Filter Section, or do an Advanced Search with the appropriate syntax.


Litigation Databases

Bulk actions work similarly in a litigation database, but only picklist fields are additive.

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