Bulk Coding Email Families in Document-Viewer


Bulk Coding Email Families

When in the Document Viewer, enable bulk coding with a quick toggle of the Bulk Code button at the top of Related Documents slider. You have the option to select the current email family, thread, or a custom selection for more consistent coding decisions.


To get started making a bulk coding decision for the current email family, take the following steps:

  1. Toggle the Bulk Code button at the top left of the related documents slider so it is blue.
  2. Click Select this family from the Bulk Code drop-down.
    1. We will confirm how many documents were selected for the bulk coding decision in both the related documents slider and at the top right by the Save / Save & Next buttons.  
  3. Once your documents are selected, make your coding decisions in the coding panel to the right, click Save at the top right of your screen, and the bulk changes will be applied to all selected documents.

    It is important to note, when bulk coding an email family, you must change/update the coding for which you would like to impact all selected documents.  For example, if a parent email is already coded as "Responsive", but the rest of the family is not - during bulk coding, make sure to change the coding from Responsive to something else, then back to Responsive, in order for that coding to take effect on the entire family.  

It's as simple as that!

Bulk Coding Workflow

It is important to note, when bulk coding in the related documents slider, only the Save option will be available and Save & Next will be disabled.  This is to prevent unintentional inconsistent coding as you move to the next document in your results, which very well may be the first attachment of the email family you just bulk coded.  To move through the next document(s) simply use the arrows in the top navigation.

If you would like to move more fluidly through email families using bulk coding, a workflow solution is to folder only the emails and loose efiles from your review set.  In our earlier example, I would search for folder:"BZ and BA Emails" AND (document_type:email OR document_type:efile), folder those emails/efiles, and work through my new folder for review.

As you navigate each email, the full email family (email + attachments) is presented in the related documents slider.  Make your bulk coding decision for the first email-family, and when you move to the next email in your results, you will be presented with the next email-family.  Once your review is complete, if you access the original folder, the full families and any loose efiles will be coded consistently.  

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