Nextpoint makes it possible to auto-redact (or bulk redact) certain specific terms, phrases and types of data in your Nextpoint database. Auto redactions is offered as a service so that we can assist users to ensure that they redact exactly what they expect to redact. 

How to make a bulk redaction request:


From either the image mark-ups dropdown (1) or the image markups page viewer tab (2), select the Bulk Redaction Request. Then download the "CSV Template" (3). 

A consultant from Nextpoint's Data Services team will reach out to the requester to support you in completing the request via the template.


Instructions for completing the template: 


Review the instructions (4) and examples (5). Then complete the template below the line in the third section (6). 

  • One term, phrase or PII pattern should entered per row (see the chart below re: PII patterns we support).
  • For each term/row, enter a redaction reason for that term in column B of that same row
  • For each term/row, enter a redaction style for that term in column C of that same row


Types of data that can be bulk redacted:

Data Type Description
Terms Precise terms (no wildcards). Please note that acronyms that may be included in other acronyms would be redacted as a part of an auto-redaction request. 
Phrases Precise phrases (no wildcards). Phrases should include quotation marks on both ends of the phrase.
PII Patterns: The PII Patterns we currently support are SSN, TIN, EIN, Phone Number and Email (If you are interested in a specific PII term that you want auto redacted, it may be possible to add it, but it will extend the amount of time it will take to complete your project. 
  SSN: The Social Security number is a nine-digit number in the format AAA-GG-SSSS
  TIN: Taxpayer Identification Number is a 9-digit number, beginning with the number "9", formatted like an SSN NNN-NN-NNNN
  EIN: An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number that IRS assigns in the following format: XX-XXXXXXX
  Phone number pattern currently supported is NNN-NNN-NNNN
● Only US Phone numbers are supported right now, but we can incorporate additional patterns as needed.
● Notably, if you want a specific phone number included, we can look for and bulk redact that “term”
  Email: Email PII pattern is all or nothing, not domain specific. So, it will often be best to target specific email addresses, which can be included as precise terms. You can leverage analytics to get that list.


Results of the Auto Redaction Process:

At the end of the process, you will receive 2 folders in your database:

  • The "Bulk Redaction Request_mmddyy" folder contains all documents that received a redaction from this process. We checked this folder of redactions for accuracy, but we recommend that you perform your own quality control messures as well. 
  • The "Bulk Redaction Errors_mmddyy" folder contains any documents we flagged for a redaction based on the image text, but that could not be redacted due to an error in processing. We strongly recommend you review these for supplemental manual redactions. 

Note: We currently cannot bulk redact metadata as a part of our bulk redaction service. We strongly recommend checking your metadata for any terms that might need to be redacted (searching for search_fields:term is helpful for identifying these documents. Please reach out to if you would like support on this as an additional service. 

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