Removing Pages from a Document


If you need to delete pages from a document to clean up duplicative pages, add replacements, or force the insertion of a native placeholder during the application of Bates endorsements, you can do so on a per-document basis within the document viewer.



To do so, take the following steps:

  1. When viewing a document, navigate to the to Document options dropdown and select View document pages. In the pop-up you will see the list of pages in that document.
  2. Click the red delete icon to the left of the pages you want to remove and the document will be automatically updated.
  3. You can also move pages within a document if necessary by selecting the move icon to the left of the page to drag and drop pages in the order you would like.

Deleting All Pages

To delete all pages from a document, simply select the "Delete ALL Pages" option at the bottom of the "View Document Pages" pop-up.  This will allow for the full replacement of the document via Add Pages or Add/Replace native OR if you would like to insert a native placeholder for that document during Bates endorsing on a one-off basis. 


This is not recommended as a solution for Numbering Exceptions which can be set up in your Endorsement Template(s), but rather as-needed. 

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