Supported File Types


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Importing Data in Bulk

The Nextpoint File Room is the suggested method for importing data in bulk.

If uploading through a web browser: ZIP files are accepted, and the maximum recommended file size is 10 GB.

View additional File Room and Import Best Practices here


Additional Supported File Types

The following file types are supported, with assistance from the Nextpoint Engagement Team. Please contact for more information about processing these file types:

AutoCAD Files:

dxf hpg gl2
dwg plo spl
dwf hp svg
dwfx hpl cgm
plt hpgl swf
bak hp1 emf
hg hp2 wmf
hgl hpgl2  

Database Files:

E01 (EnCase image)
DMG (Apple disk image)

*this list is subject to change


 Supported Transcript File Types

Litigation accepts TXT, PTF, PTX, PDF, LEF, CMS, or ZIP formats for your transcript files.

A description of each is outlined below:

Extension   Description
TXT   Text Files are “raw” transcripts—text-only files and are considered universal.
PTF   Portable Transcript Files are created with RealLegal E-Transcript software. Unlike EXE files, PTF files are not blocked by firewalls or virus protection software. They are also smaller than EXE files, so a preferred file format for many.
PTX   E-Transcript files have their proprietary .ptx file type.  PTX files are small and easy to email and contain the transcript in full-sized and condensed forms as well as the word index.
PDF   Portable Document Format is a file format which can be viewed on any type of computer.
Note: We make a best-effort attempt at processing PDF deposition transcripts, but not all PDFs will be correctly converted. If possible, we suggest you use one of the other supported deposition transcripts file types. Otherwise, the accuracy of the resulting deposition transcripts should be verified after import.
LEF   LiveNote evidence format enables you to receive transcripts with the related evidence seamlessly integrated and ready for import into Nextpoint (e.g. Deposition exhibits already scanned and hyperlinked in the text).
CMS   A synchronized transcript in the native TrialDirector .cms format.  Can be paired with video files for synchronized viewing of the transcript and associated video clips.
ZIP   Multiple transcript files of the types outlined above can be compressed in a .zip file and imported at the same time. Nextpoint will unpack and process all files contained within.



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