FAQ: How does Nextpoint handle tracked changes on Word Documents?



How does Nextpoint handle tracked changes and comments on Word Documents?  Is there a search I can run to locate redlined documents?


Tracked changes (and comments) on Word documents are only imaged in Nextpoint if they are viewable/on at the time of import.  Currently, there is not a searchable field indicative of whether a document has tracked changes.

That said, there are two ways to go about ensuring you are reviewing (and potentially producing) all tracked changes.  The first, is a series of steps Nextpoint users can take to review and replace images with tracked changes in their Nextpoint database.  The second incorporates the Nextpoint Engagement team for assistance.  Both options are outlined below:

Nextpoint User Solution

  1. Search for all word documents via the search file_extension:doc*
  2. Navigate through the various Word Documents and access the native(s) by clicking Download Original at the top right of each document.

  3. Once the native is downloaded, review locally in Word application with Track Changes and/or Comments enabled.
  4. As needed, print each Word Document to PDF.
  5. If image replacement is needed    navigate to the applicable document in Nextpoint    click Document Options    View Document Pages    Delete All Pages.



  6. Lastly, once the 'old' pages are removed click Document Options   Add Pages.  Drag and drop the corresponding PDF image from step 6 above and click Import Pages



Nextpoint Engagement Team Assistance

If internal time and/or resources are not available to you, Nextpoint Engagement team is available to assist via a services request.  Our team would manage the aforementioned process of re-imaging all Word Docs with tracked changes/comments and replacing in your database in a more automated fashion.   

Please contact your Client Success Director if you would like to discuss further assistance.


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