How to Track Time in Nextpoint


In Nextpoint, productivity for each reviewer can be tracked and included in various reports.

To accurately track productivity, each reviewer will click the "Start Timer" button, located under the "My Profile" icon in the top right corner of the application.



Utilize the "Stop Timer" button at any time to indicate they have finished or paused review work. The timer will continue to run even if you leave Nextpoint at any time, so be sure to stop the timer before leaving the application.



For Reviewer, Basic, Standard users hours can be viewed under the Timekeeping tab. For Advanced users, timekeeping can be viewed under Users > Timekeeping. To view hours logged go to In the hours view, click the time for any day to edit or to account for periods of inactivity while logged in.


In the time edit window you can do the following:

1. Click into any Punch In or Punch Out record to open the edit popup.

2. In the edit popup, use the sliders to adjust the time, and click "Done" when finished.

3. You can have the Day's Review sent to you, or create a New Timecard if you have forgotten to utilize the time tracker. 

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