Exporting or Printing a Single Document



Generate a Single Document PDF

You can generate a PDF of a single document directly from the document viewer. Use the Document options menu in the upper right of any document and select Generate PDF.

A PDF file will be generated and you can select to be notified by Nextpoint when it has completed, so you can continue working while it is processed.



Print to Hardcopy

Quickly print any document you are viewing in Nextpoint to paper on your local printer.

Use the Print Document button located in the upper right of your document viewer, right above the viewer tools.

Simple as that!



Header and Footer Info

The document will be given a Nextpoint header and footer containing the document URL, page count and date printed. This can be valuable and necessary data.

If the document is already stamped/numbered (e.g. Bates), and you would like to remove the default header and footer, simply use your print driver options to exclude that information.

See example below:


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