How to Split a Document

The document splitting feature lets clients scroll through a long PDF document which is not broken into individual documents and add page breaks where necessary.

This is an important function that makes it infinitely easier and more practical to review these files and to prepare them for litigation.

Please note: when a document is split in Nextpoint any assigned Bates numbers will be maintained from original to the newly split documents, but any existing coding (folders, issues, subject title, notes, etc...) will not be maintained, and will need to be reapplied.




To start splitting documents, click Review and select the document you would like to view. 


In the "Document Options" drop-down menu click "Enable Splitting". Once enabled, the system will add a little scissor icon in between pages where users can choose to create breaks.


If turned on, the reviewer can simply mark all of the pages they would like broken in a large file. Once done, they click a button, confirm their choice to split documents and the documents are then split. A master document remains in the system if they choose to keep it or need to revert back to the original, unbroken document for any reason.

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