Accelerator 5 – Production, Export, and Exchange


Production, Export, and Exchange

This tutorial will guide you through the process of organizing and checking your production folders, endorsing documents, and exporting, sharing, and exchanging document sets. It encompasses six short video walk-throughs with multiple choice questions at the end of each video.

The sections are as follows: 

  • Part 1: Introduction to Productions
  • Part 2: Creating and Quality Controlling a Production Folder
  • Part 3: Creating an Endorsement Template and Endorsing Documents
  • Part 4: Reviewing and Editing Templates and Running an Export
  • Part 5: Sharing Productions and Exports
  • Part 6: Exchange

If you would like receive feedback on your responses to the questions and a follow up about any additional questions you may have, be sure to fill out your name, email address, each of the answers to the questions, and submit your responses at the end of the course.

Click here to begin the Accelerator 5 – Production, Export, and Exchange module.


Course Notes:

  • This workflow outlines the steps for preparing a folder for production while checking for inconsistencies in your produced data set
  • Once you have QC’d your production folder, you will need to create an endorsement template
  • Use this endorsement template to then Bates-stamp your documents within your production folder
  • After the Bates-stamping process has been completed, you will need to create an export template 
  • You can export your production folder (click the ellipses to the right of the folder -> click export -> choose your export template -> export) and share it via email with the receiving party. 
  • If you want to transfer document sets from one Nextpoint database to another (Discovery to Litigation is most common use case), you can use the Nextpoint Exchange feature


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