Accelerator 2 - Account and Case Organization


Account and Case Organization

This tutorial will guide you through setting up your account and database and preparing for a successful review of your data. It encompasses six short video walk-throughs with multiple choice questions at the end of each video.

The sections are as follows: 

  • Part 1: Introduction, Account HQ, and User Management
  • Part 2: Projects and Databases
  • Part 3: Categories and Folders
  • Part 4: Coding Documents
  • Part 5: Redactions and Highlights
  • Part 6: Other Review Features

If you would like receive feedback on your responses to the questions and a follow up about any additional questions you may have, be sure to fill out your name, email address, each of the answers to the questions, and submit your responses at the end of the course.

Click here to begin the Accelerator 2 - Account and Case Organization module.

Course Notes:

  • The Account Dashboard is where you can create, manage, and edit projects and databases along with managing user settings, billing information and more
  • The File Room is where uploading and organizing your documents begins; it acts as a storage unit to secure your data
  • You can add data stored locally on your computer to the File Room (using the drag and drop or Upload Files features) or you can request files when you need to collect data from others
  • Once the files are in your File Room, you can then import them into your database. Here are some best practices when it comes to the File Room/Importing
  • Organizing your database is hugely important throughout the eDiscovery process. Some of the tools that you have available to you in Nextpoint are folders and folder categories
  • Another organizational tool that is crucial to the review process is the use of coding. You can assign coding in the document level review or via bulk action
  • Creating your own custom codes pertaining to your case before you begin the review process can be very helpful after you have completed your review
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