Discovery Optimization


Discovery Optimization

This tutorial will best practices for navigating and using a Discovery Database. It encompasses seven short video walk-throughs with multiple choice questions at the end of each video.

The sections are as follows:

  • Part 1: Database Analytics
  • Part 2: Folders and Categories
  • Part 3: Discovery Fields
  • Part 4 - Field and Coding Customization
  • Part 5 - Redactions and Image Markups
  • Part 6 - Document Level Coding and Modifications
  • Part 7 - Search Tips and Tricks

If you would like receive feedback on your responses to the questions and a follow up about any additional questions you may have, be sure to fill out your name, email address, each of the answers to the questions, and submit your responses at the end of the course.

Click here to begin the End User Accelerator A: Discovery Optimization module.

Course Notes:

  • The Analytics page is a customizable, high-level, visual overview of the data that has been imported into your database (or the results of whatever search syntax you enter into the search bar)
  • There are three primary organizational tools used in Nextpoint. From most broad to most specific (folder categories, folders, document coding)
  • Customizing your grid view with specific metadata fields can be extremely helpful throughout the review process
  • For those not yet comfortable building out a boolean search starting from scratch, the Advanced Search tool is an easy way to have Nextpoint guide you through creating the search syntax you would like to use
  • Whenever you build out searches that you would like to use/edit frequently, you can save that search and access it later
  • Instead of describing where a document is located in a database, you can share a specific document with your review team via email
  • You can also assign folders to team members to review
  • Highlighting and redacting portions of documents can easily be done in Nextpoint as well
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