Converting a DAT to CSV with TextPad


DAT files can be manually converted to the CSV format by simply replacing the delimiters with a program like TextPad.  So, first open your .dat file with TextPad.

The values in your original .dat file are separated by the symbols þþ (thorn, □ (ASCII 20), and another thorn).  So, your coding values look like this:


 Using the functions in Text Pad, you can do a find-replace (F8) on these characters. Use the following sequence:

  1. Find-replace all " (quote) with "" (double quote). This will ensure that your line breaks remain consistent.
  2.  Find-replace all þ (thorn) with (quote)
  3. Find-replace all  □ (ASCII 20) with , (comma)
    This will result in all values being now separated by "," (quote comma quote):
  4.  Save file as: nextpoint_load_file.csv.
  5.  Open the new .csv file in Excel. Your values will be separated into columns (based on the new comma-quote positions).

Now, you can modify the column headers to match the coding that Nextpoint uses.

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