Group Documents By Family


When bulk editing documents there are three options available. Selecting the appropriate option for your needs will ensure your data is organized how you want.

When you open the Bulk Edit interface, you have three options:

1. Select In their current order to make changes to the docs as they are listed in your selection, e.g. you have selected documents for Bates numbering, they will be numbered in the current sort order, with no regard to whether a document is attached to an email.

2. Select Grouped by email family to make changes to the docs with regard to their relationships, e.g. emails and their attachments will be grouped together when Bates stamping, so that they are sequential.

3. Select Grouped by email family, including related documents to enable further choices. This option will potentially pull in additional documents that did not meet your search criteria, but are related to your selected docs. You can choose to include Email-Family, which will pull in any attachments to emails, or parent emails to attachments. Selecting Email-Chain will additionally include any replies or forwards of your selected docs, and selecting Duplicates will make the changes to duplicate docs, along with the selected docs.


When Viewing a List of Documents

If you are viewing results in Grid View, click the Group related documents radial when you perform a search. The documents returned in the search will be grouped to keep email families together. However, this will only apply to documents returned in the search (e.g. if you search for "Contracts" and an email is returned, if it's attachment does not have "Contracts" in it, it will not be in the list, even though it is in the same family).

If you are viewing your results in Classic View, perform your search, then open the Change Sort Criteria dropdown, and select Document Group as your sort order.


Note that sorting by document group is only available when you use the Search or Advanced Search, not if you have used Filters


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