Preparing Witness Packages


Identify Your Material

Create an issue for your witness, making sure it applies to documents and depositions.

Search for exhibits to be used for the witness.

Use sorting features to order documents; by date, by exhibit numbers and so on and then add the documents to your issue.

Add the documents to the issue one at a time for a custom order.

Create document treatments, and save them to your issue.


Designate deposition testimony to your issue.
You can use the notes section of each designation to individually identify each clip. (See Clip CE01 below.)



Print Your Documents

Go to the Documents tab and click on your issue to pull up your documents.

Click Select: All, then click Export > As Combined PDFs OR As Individual PDFs.

Select which options you would like to include: Native Placeholder (to use a placeholder in lieu of document images), A report-summary cover page, Double sided Printing, Add cover page (for each document), and Include Family Documents.

Click "Export" to download and print your PDF(s).


Print Your Designations

(Exporting Designations)

Go to the Depositions tab and in the Issues section, choose the Issue for your witness to pull up the depositions that you've added to your issue.

In each deposition, Select Summary PDF to export your designations.


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