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Exchanging and producing reviewed information is simpler and more efficient in Nextpoint as users can save templates of their most-used export settings and apply them to future jobs.  This saves set up time and establishes consistency. 

How to Set up for Export

Outlined below, are the steps for setting up and running your exports in Nextpoint.  The instructions are geared towards a typical Production Export Workflow, but can be modified to suit your needs

  1. First, create your Endorsement Template which outlines any Bates stamping pattern(s) and also which file types should receive a native placeholder during the endorsement process (e.g. excels).
  2. Next, you will want to define your Export Template for your production.  Export templates define the formatting of your images, text, and natives during export and also indicate which load file (if any) is utilized.  
    • Tip: You can verify/update Nextpoint's default Production Export Template or create your own custom template.  
  3. If, in step 2 above (Export Template Setup), you choose to include a Load File, you can later make edits to that load file later on via the Load File Templates section of SETTINGS > Export/Exchange. 
    • Tip: Load files are also a great way to generate an index of a particular set of documents.  If you would like to export only an index (without images, text, etc..), simply create a new Export Template, provide a name in step 1, and then skip to step 4 to include only a load file/index.  After setup is complete and your export/load file templates saved, you can navigate to the folder or set of documents to export your load file index.

Utilize your Export Settings

After you've set up your endorsement, export, and load file templates for export:

  1. Prepare your production folder
  2. Endorse your documents
  3. Export your production folder
  4. Share your production export via Email (from Nextpoint)


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