FAQ: Can I create sub-issues to further classify my documents?



Can I create sub-issues to further classify my documents?


Yes, absolutely!  If you would like to create sub-issues in order to further classify your documents, we recommend taking the following steps:

First, create your top-level issues under the (Responsive) Issues section in your database SETTINGS. 

Second, for each top-level issue created above, create a (custom) picklist Field containing the various sub-issues.  Input each top-level issue as the field's title, select picklist input type, and then add your sub-issues as the picklist's values.

Lastly, once your sub-issue fields have been created, we suggest you promote these fields as Hot fields so they are readily accessible at the top of your coding panel.

Example of Sub-Issues

In the graphical representation below, we have set up an option for employing sub-issues in your Nextpoint database:


First we created the top-level Responsive Issues, bad faith claim, conspiracy claim, and fraud claim.  This was accomplished by navigating to SETTINGS    Coding    Responsive Issues    Create New.


Below is where these three top-level Responsive issues will appear in the document coding panel.


Then, we created a (custom) Field with a picklist input type for each top-level issue.  This was accomplished by navigating to SETTINGS    Coding    Fields    Create New.


We titled each new field name by the top-level issue's name (e.g. Bad Faith Claim), selected the picklist input type, and then set up values for each sub-issue.


Once the sub-issue fields were all created, the last step was to promote those fields to the top of our coding panel by adding them as Hot Fields.  Below is the end result after we created the sub-issues and promoted each as Hot Fields.



Need assistance setting up and organizing your Issues and Sub-Issues?  Contact your Account Director and we will connect you with our Nextpoint Services Team.


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